You are a twenty-something girl and you want a happier and meaningful life? You are at the right place! 

Maybe you :

  • Don’t know what you want to do with your life 
  • Need to simplify your life and not be overwhelmed anymore
  • Are having a quarter-life crisis and don’t know how to deal with it. 

You want to change your life but you don’t know how to start. 

You want to make your own decisions and goals but you don’t know how to do it. 

You want to have more time and money to do everything you want. 

And you want to live your best twenties! 

Girls, you are not alone! I’ve been there. 

Welcome on Happy Twenties!

Hi, I’m Anne, a twenty-something girl living in Paris. A year ago, I realized that I was having a quarter-life crisis. I was always on my couch watching Netflix and doing nothing during my evenings and weekends. I had everything that you want in a life but I was really depressed. 

So I decided to change. To change my habits, my routines, my life. 

I took actions : I simplified my life, I continued my journey to minimalism and I decided to change my job. Today I’ve become happier and enjoy the present moment. I have my own specific goals (not goals of everybody) and have a meaningful life. 

Welcome on Happy Twenties!

Do you want this life too? Do you want to have your own life back? 

Welcome to Happy Twenties!  

Here you will learn to find who you truly are and live the life that you’ve always dreamt of (or something close, it’s maybe too late to become a princess!) 🙂 

You’ll also learn to get organized to gain time and money (for travel for example ;))

Finally, I will let you know how minimalism and simplifying my life was the most beneficial way to make me happier. 

You deserve to live your best life ! 

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